Q) How difficult is it to fit?

Its simple to fit on the majority of vehicles.
All you need to do is locate the common rail and sensor in your engine bay and plug in the tuning system.
Once this is done you secure the unit and enjoy more economy with more power.
Fitting instructions included.

Q) Does it really improve fuel economy and how does it do it?

Yes, once you settle down into your normal driving you will see upto a 15% improvement in your mpg. It does this through the improvement in torque. With more torque throughout the whole rev range, the vehicle now needs less throttle to produce the same power as before, therefore less fuel is used and mpg is improved.

Q) is it safe to use and why doesnt my vehicle have such an upgrade from the factory?

Yes its safe , the unit works in tandem with the vehicles engine management system.
A car manufacturer sends vehicles worldwide and vehicles have to suit various climates and fuel qualities.
The tuning box takes advantage of the UK climate and better fuel quality.

Q) I have seen some of these systems retail for around £200-400?

Yes, we can assure you that you are buying the same thing. It is not an inferior product just a better price.

Q) Is it suitable for harder working vehicles, i.e. vans or towing applications?

It is perfect for this as torque is increased on the vehicle, therefore towing will be easier.

Q) Is the tuning box adjustable?

Yes, the tuning box features an adjustment to further improve performance if required.

Q) Is there a warranty offered?

Yes, the tuning box comes with a 2 year warranty.